Vedder View Gardens Cemetery

Helping Families Honour The Lives Of Those They Love

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Our services are provided with understanding, integrity and compassion, and when these services are required due to an unexpected passing, we can assist our customer families with payment plans, including interest-free monthly payments.

About Us

Vedder View Gardens Cemetery is licensed as a public cemetery and is one of the few family-owned cemeteries in British Columbia.

Located in the Sardis area of Chilliwack, Vedder View provides services for → 

Casket Burial Interment
(Single and Double-depth)

Cremation Burial Interment

Cremation Niche Inurnment

Headstones (Grave Markers)

To secure today’s prices for future needs, Vedder View offers Pre-planning Arrangements for all our services. When pre-arranging, you not only freeze the cost of the eventual services, but you also help remove some of the stress other family members may face when the services are required. To assist our customer’s families, all of Vedder View’s Pre-planning Services are available with interest-free monthly payments.

Our staff will be available to meet, to answer any questions or to show how Vedder View may be able to best serve your needs, when required. For an appointment, please phone